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Frequently asked questions

Finding Your Furry Soulmate: How to Adopt a Lovable Companion from our Puppy Collection

We raise Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Toy Poodles, Bichons and mixes. 

Mixes include Yorkiepoos, Maltipoos, Shihtzu/poodles, Morkies, and cockapoos.

Simply Sweet Puppies has several locations.
-Our main kennel is in Irvington Kentucky. 
-We also have a location in Savannah Tennessee.
-We offer delivery to Birnamwood Wisconsin and locations along route.
-We also ship our puppies with our personal flight nanny!

Please contact us to verify availability of the puppy first. We accept deposits via paypal and credit card, and occasionally will accept checks.

Please note: the deposit is required to reserve a puppy. We sell on a first come first serve basis.

Our puppies range from $900-$1800. Select breeds may be priced slightly higher or lower based on color, age, and availability. We do occasionally have puppies on sale so check back often!

*Price is subject to change at any time

Most of our adult dogs are between 7-10.5 lbs. However more rarely we may have puppies as small as 5-6 lbs or as large as 30 lbs.

Generally puppies can go home at eight weeks, we may occasionally choose to keep a puppy longer for health benefits or if it needs more time with mummy.

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